How strong is my opponent? Using Bayesian methods for skill assessment. Elo, Glicko2 and Trueskill
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It was a great experience to host Invictus Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, FunPlus Phoenix and CTBC J Team 

in our office in Berlin and support them with their preparation to the group phase.

We hope you enjoyed too :-)

We wish all of you a good game in the group phase!

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Bayes Esport Solutions and Shadow support four of the best asian teams during the group phase of the LoL Worlds 2019 in Berlin.

CTBC J team moved as first team into our training camp to acclimate and prepare for their next opponents.

J team took the first place of the Summer Split 2019 in...

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These graphs from the data science team at Bayes reveal some pretty interesting findings. 
Who would have guessed that inhibitors/barracks were so key to securing victory? 
You can also see that Baron in League appears to be more valuable to the win than Roshan in DoTA. 
In both cases, kills seem to be...
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